Innovative Caps and Closures Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Plastic Caps and Closures

When pouring or dispensing a product from a bottle, few elements of the package have as much impact on the user experience as the cap or closure. During this defining moment, well-designed caps and closures will create a controlled, even flow of the product without making a mess. To build and maintain a loyal customer base, product manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to develop new or improved bottle designs that create shelf impact and enhance user convenience.

For over 40 years, MRP Solutions has been designing the industry’s most innovative caps and closures. For example, its new NutraGen Light® closure, designed for the vitamin and nutraceuticals market, is produced with less material so its lightweight design results in lower shipping costs and a reduced environmental impact. The product’s large opening helps consumers view the contents within,  while its hinge stays open until the bottle is manually closed. In designing this product, MRP analyzed how members of the target audience, including senior citizens, interacted with the closure to make sure that it was easy to use.

To help companies differentiate their products, MRP is able to design novel closures that go beyond the traditional round shape. MRP’s design team can create square or triangular closures with built-in handles, funnels, liners or multiple flaps. In fact, the company is currently developing a cap with a perforated liner that is easy to remove and is more affordable than lift-and-peel liners. If you can imagine it, then MRP Solutions can help you bring it to life.

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Posted by Aimee Weber