VIDEO: Dispensing Closure Makes Pouring Liquid Syrups Clean & Useful

In the food and beverage industry, dispensing closure design is especially important to consider when creating closures for liquid syrups and sauces. What makes designing this packaging so challenging? 

First, liquid syrups are usually thick and sticky, so if the product spills while pouring, you may have quite a mess on your hands. Second, once opened, these products are usually stored in the refrigerator —a dynamic environment that often results in tipping or spilling. Fortunately, the LiquiFlapper® dispensing closure addresses these issues with its innovative design that conveniently controls spilling and glugging. It has a durable cap with an audible snap so that if the syrup bottle tips over, the product will not spill. It also has a butterfly hinge that stays open while the product is poured.

From a manufacturing standpoint, the plastic closure’s one-piece design is easy to integrate into a production line. The LiquiFlapper offers a variety of customizable design options including closure shape, color and embossing to enhance shelf impact. To appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and manufacturers, these recyclable dispensing closures are produced with less material and have a lower shipping weight than other comparable products.

See the LiquiFlapper dispensing closure in action: 

Posted by Amanda Thomas