Growth in Healthcare Packaging

It is evident a growing revolution has taken place within the healthcare market overthe past few years, due to the ongoing consumer fascination with vitamins and supplements.

Globally, the vitamin and supplement market is worth $68 billion, specific markets showing significantly higher growth than others, thanks to supplements such as fish oils, probiotics and antioxidants. A government study shows that more than half of all Americans take dietary supplements, giving the overall market a 7% annual growth rate.

Consumer demand for nutritional products is expected to remain high as health-conscious customers seek optimal health in a more affordable way. As consumers continue to encounter increasingly high medical bills, they are beginning to turn to vitamin supplements in order to remain proactive against their health.

Becoming more educated about these products via different means, such as the internet and television shows, also allows them to be more knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing power. The most common consumer for these products is generally the aging population, which have created a sort of conformity when it comes to packaging within this market.

NutraGenII closures for vitamins and supplements

Due to all the rules and regulations when it comes to the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, packaging design is usually less creative in comparison to other markets, such as food and beverage. Therefore, simplicity of packaging is essential as well as ease of use in regards to the type of consumer purchasing the product.

MRP Solutions, an innovative packaging manufacturer, has managed to overcome this task by creating innovative and easy-to-use plastic closures. Providing caps and closures for many of the leading vitamin and supplement brands, MRP has created great presence within the nutraceutical market.

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Posted by Aimee Weber