Design of Spice Packaging Impacts Purchasing Decisions

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Spice Packaging

When you’re putting the cumin into your award-winning chili, do you think about the lid? I know I do – at first, I need to pour the spice, but later on, it’s time to sprinkle. A single dispensing option ends up somewhere in the middle – not enough cumin in the beginning, but too much when seasoning requires a more delicate touch.

Plastic Closures for Spices

When we design our plastic closures for spices, we do our research. We actually hired an independent firm to test people’s preferences in spice packaging – do they like continuous threaded caps? Single openings? Flip-top cap or one that comes all the way off? While panelists compared the Flapper® style cap from MRP Solutions to other spice packaging, the researchers asked all of these questions and more.

Most of the panelists associated the Flapper cap with a higher quality, and they said it was because of the:

  • Flap-style that conveys convenience, quality and durability
  • Two dispensing options that make it possible to pour, spoon or sprinkle the spice
  • Easy-open, one-piece cap that’s convenient for cooking

The panelists told us that the Flapper cap is perfect for spice packaging – so perfect that they’d pay a higher price for spice packaging with the Flapper cap. Most panelists said they’d pay $.50 more for the better spice packaging, and Baby Boomers said they’d pay even a little more! 

And it’s not just home cooks who prefer the Flapper spice packaging. The research firm also talked to chefs and kitchen managers who are extremely familiar with different packaging options – meaning they know what they like! Just like the home cooks, though, professionals cite convenience as the major advantage of the Flapper cap. They like the

  • Multipurpose options that makes it easy to shake, pour or measure
  • Controlled dispensing that eliminates mess and waste
  • Closure that’s easy to open and close

Spice packaging definitely matters. Designing a package right now? We can send you free samples! 

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Posted by Aimee Weber