The LiquiFlapper Closure - contemporary, easy to use flip-top closure

We're all aware that more appealing, contemporary, easy-to-use products are what encourage consumer purchase decisions. MRP Solutions LiquiFlapper does just that, with a one-piece design combining ease of use, shelf impact, and safe and secure packaging. The LiquiFlapper cap is designed with a snap-tight leak resistant release, providing a portion-controlled, tear-drop flow for a variety of products.

Finish Power Up - All in 1 Detergent Booster is a versatile formula created to boost dishwashing removing spots and residue, hard water film, tough and bleachable stains such as tea, and mineral build up in dishwashing machines.Finish Detergent Booster Liquiflapper

The LiquiFlapper allows for one-hand action, whilst the lid remains open. No interference with dispensing flow, the LiquiFlapper also provides an audible 'snap' to ensure the cap is closed. Finish, as well as other LiquiFlapper featured products, not only reach consumer's perceived appearance attributes of mondernity and simplicity but expectations of ease-of-use and security.

Naturally Delicious LiquiFlapper

The LiquiFlapper is also featured on the Naturally Delicious line of Salad Dressings by Cains Foods. Cains' VP of Marketing, Chirs Katopis, as well as the marketing and sales persons were sold by the lower, smoother profile and the more contemporary look the LiquiFlapper provides. You can read the entire article, featured in Packaging World here: Flip-top, tight-close caps stop drips and overflows | Packaging World

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lower, smoother profile and the more contemporary look. - See more at:
lower, smoother profile and the more contemporary look. - See more at:
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