NACD Honors Mold-Rite, Stull Tech and Weatherchem Team

Mold Rite Plastics

Chicago, IL – May 20, 2013 The National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) recently named Mold-Rite Plastics | Stull Technologies | Weatherchem as the Supplier of the Year at its annual convention in Austin, Texas. This marks an uncharacteristic second year in a row that the Mold-Rite team has earned this honor.

The NACD Supplier of the Year Award is given to the supplier who has most effectively supported distribution within the container industry. It is one of the industry’s most coveted recognitions and is NACD’s way of honoring a supplier who has made valuable contributions to the distribution channel.

“We are pleased that Mold-Rite heavily relies on the NACD membership channel to supply its’ products to the market. Mold-Rite’s quality, service and on-time delivery performance has been outstanding and we are pleased to give them the Outstanding Supplier Award,” notes Berlin Packaging’s Glenn Scott, NACD Acting President. The Supplier of the Year is a prestigious honor recognizing supply partners who best exemplify support of NACD distributors. Distributor members rate suppliers on the following categories: Leadership, Marketing, Training, Technology, Legislative and Regulatory, Communication, Policies, Product Shipment and Product Support.

“Our goal is not to be among the best, it is to be the best,” notes Brian Bauerbach, president and CEO of Mold-Rite Plastics | Stull Technologies | Weatherchem. “Being recognized by the NACD, an organization that represents the highest standards in the packaging industry, brings great pride to our entire team and validates our progress toward our goal of excellence,” Bauerbach said.

In November 2012, Mold-Rite Plastics acquired both Stull Technologies and Weatherchem Corporation. “Combining these three companies gives us even more opportunity to not only provide great services, but also expanded product offerings. With additional operating locations and an expanded focus on innovation, we look forward to delivering even greater value in 2013 and beyond,” adds Bauerbach.

The National Association of Container Distributors is a trade association representing distributors of rigid packaging and related components in North America. Each year, the organization gathers at their Annual Convention to recognize and celebrate packaging excellence.

About Mold-Rite Plastics | Stull Technologies | Weatherchem
Three trusted closure manufacturers have joined together to deliver greater value for customers. Weatherchem, Stull Technologies and Mold-Rite Plastics are now united providing an expanded product portfolio, multiple manufacturing locations, in-house tooling, outstanding innovation, unmatched flexibility and responsiveness. The company's complete line of products offers a single source for the broadest range of closures ideal for a wide variety of markets. Whether designing or selecting packaging for a new product, or revamping the design of an existing product, Weatherchem, Stull, and Mold-Rite Plastics have the closures that consumers love. For more information please contact Aimee Weber in the Marketing Department at 330-405-7765 or e-mail

About NACD
The National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) is a professional association of rigid packaging distributors who supply bottles, tubes, pumps, sprayers and other closure systems. A growing number of America’s foremost companies have discovered the benefits of working with an NACD member. NACD and their supplier organizations adhere to a strong code of ethics that ensures the most trusted products from the nation’s best manufacturers. The rigid packaging industry's leading distributors and top manufacturers joined to create NACD - a world-class packaging information network. NACD members offer fresh, innovative and effective approaches to packaging needs, and outstanding service without added costs.

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