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Philippe The Original’s Hot Mustard is recognized as Association of Dressings and Sauces (ADS) 2014 Package of the Year.

Ultra Light ClosurePhillippe The Original’s Hot Mustard package won the 15th annual Package of the Year award, presented on October 11-13. Nominations for the ADS Package of the Year award were received earlier this year from any ADS member. During the recent ADS Technical Meeting in San Diego, CAL this month, these packages were voted on based on who had the most innovative and unique design.  This award is used to increase the awareness of packaging and to celebrate the accomplishments of the packaging industry, according to Canadian Packaging.

“Our board of directors, management and staff want to thank everyone at the ADS for giving our mustard bottle this prestigious award for its innovative shape,” says Julia Tauscher, restaurant managing partner. “Our General Manager, Richard Binder, worked with General Bottle to transition us from our mustard jar to the easy-to-use squeeze bottle with flip-top lid. It was an instant success with our customers and the demand for the product continues to grow.”

Philippe The Original is one of the oldest and best known restaurants in Southern California.  Visitors come from all of the country to try their well-known “French Dipped Sandwich”. To complement this classic sandwich, Philippe’s prepares and bottles their own hot mustard twice weekly. It is best used sparingly as it is a very hot French mustard. However, used with discretion, it is the perfect sandwich sauce for the sandwich. Philippe’s would not trust this time-honored sandwich sauce to just any package. They carefully selected the squeezable bottle and Ultra Light Flip-Tip closure combination for the best dispensing experience for their customers both in-store and at home.

Philippe’s Hot Mustard is packaged to solve the age-old problem of ingredient separation. At times, no matter how much you shake a product, liquid may still drip out of the container before the dressing, sauce or condiment is dispensed. The design of the New Ultra Light 38/400 Flip Top helps to prevent this from occurring. The closure features a liquid trap that keeps the separated liquid inside the bottle. Additionally, the cap’s modern opening mechanism promotes a cleaner and more sanitary orifice area that is positioned to provide improved directional dispensing. When dispensing a product as spicy hot as Philippe’s sandwich sauce, the controlled pour becomes even more important. Combined, these features help to enhance the consumer’s experience with the product. 

Congratulations to Philippe The Original, The Association of Dressing and Sauces as the 2014 Package of the Year!

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Posted by Amanda Thomas