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Top Reasons to Trust Mold-Rite for Your Disc Top Needs 

1. FAST - low lead times ensure quick product delivery

2. MADE IN THE USA - no need to worry about foreign tariffs' potential impact on pricing

3. PCR - achieve your sustainability goals by choosing disc tops made with PCR

4. E-COMMERCE READY - additional lining capacity has been added to accommodate e-commerce needs


When you need to dispense just the right amount of a shampoo, soap, lotion, polish or other squeezable product, choose the easy open disc top closure from MRP Solutions.

Disc top closures are a great choice for package designs engineered for both brand enhancement and dispensing convenience.  With options ranging from smooth to ribbed finishes, domed and flat tops, endless color possibilities, and orifice sizes to fit any dispensing need, disc top closures can be the key to differentiating your brand and delighting your customers.

Features include:
    • Contemporary design that consumers recognize for quality and convenience.

    • Easy to open and close with just one hand without unscrewing the lid.

    • Wide variety of orifice sizes available to ensure controlled dispensing.

    • Positive snap when reclosed, so consumers know the product is contained.

    • Standard and custom colors.

    • Smooth or ribbed exterior finish.

    • Induction and pressure sensitive liners available.

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