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The global beauty and personal care market was valued at nearly $483 billion in 2021, with an expected CAGR of more than 7% through 2030, according to the latest report by Grand View Research.  Choosing the right packaging can help your products stand out among the rest on store shelves and online as demand increases for packaging that is attractive, convenient to use and easy to ship.

Trust the packaging experts at MRP Solutions to help you create a package that will support your business in this growing market.

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Personal Care Packaging Trends

 Convenient, frustration-free packaging for the on-the-go consumer culture. Packaging must meet the demands of consumers that are increasingly fickle and time constrained. It must also be easy to use and open. Choose MRP for a wide variety of convenient dispensing closure options that consumers want. 

 Packaging for the online experience. Consumers continue to embrace the digital world and online shopping. Because of the popularity of social media, Tik Tok and the ability to instantly share reviews, online influencers can create skyrocketing demand for a product. MRP’s agility can help you capitalize on social buzz, delivering packaging solutions quickly. 

Male specific packaging. Packaging designed for the male population, a growing market segment in personal care, should be designed for quick access and convenient usage, with labeling targeting men. Rely on MRP for packaging expertise that will help your product stand out in this segment. 

The lipstick effect. The lipstick effect occurs when consumers continue to spend money on small luxury items during times of economic stress. While they are unlikely to splurge on big-ticket luxury items, consumers can likely find the cash to purchase items such as a premium lipstick. Look to the Custom-Lite offerings from MRP to achieve a cost-effective premium look that will represent your brand on the shelf. 


Uncap your products possibilities

With one of the most robust plastic closure offerings in the market, whether you need a standard continuous thread closure, disc top,  push pull caps, twist open, child resistant caps or a specialized cap like our Ultra Light® or MegaFlap®, we have an option to fit your project. From fast-order shipping of a wide range of stock components to developing custom product solutions with our in-house innovation team, MRP is your trusted supplier.

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Sustainable Options

Consumers continue to value sustainable packaging and choose brands committed to recyclability.

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Why Choose MRP?

Purposeful agility defines MRP. We ask why, before exploring how. We deliver packaging with purpose.

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Packaging Design 101

The first step in achieving great packaging design begins here. Shelf impact influences purchase decisions.